Why Toronto might not land Amazon HQ2, according to the mayor


In September, Amazon says it will invest $5 billion United States to develop the site and eventually house as many as 50,000 workers in more than eight million square feet of space within a decade.

It's official. The joint proposal developed by economic development agencies in Rochester and Buffalo have now submitted what they are calling "an extremely sophisticated and compelling bid" to Amazon in response to the "request for proposals" put out by Amazon for a second headquarters.

In Birmingham, Alabama, giant Amazon boxes were placed throughout the city.

"We're offering smart people and a great way of life", Tory explained.

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"It's a long shot, but it would really benefit the city", said resident Luke Hanson.

The city's bid also proposes improvements to Bennington Street in East Boston and expanding the East Boston Greenway, a roughly $12 million to $16 million investment.

The company behind Detroit's campaign, Bedrock Detroit, said in a statement, in part: "We wanted to share something created to go along with that bid that shows Detroit's vision for the future...the entire region came together to join forces and collaborate to show the world that Detroit was made to move". "We're trying to build more affordable housing and more rental housing generally". He says the open process will probably produce a better deal for Amazon, but it definitely has turned cities into unpaid P-R consultants for the company, enhancing its image as a highly desirable corporate citizen. But one of America's largest cities is issuing a public "no thanks". The mayor tweeted "WE WANT AMAZON".

In addition to housing, Toronto's bid takes step to address another baked-in problem: a shortage of tech talent. Despite the cattle call for bidders, he says it's inconceivable Amazon doesn't already have a short list of preferred locations if it lands the right deal.