What does Trump want in exchange for letting DACA recipients stay?


Trump last month abruptly announced plans to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program established by the Obama administration that shielded the young people from deportation and allowed them m to work on renewable two-year permits.

The Dreamers themselves say they won't support any deal that targets their parents in exchange for their own protections.

Passing a DACA fix is a top priority for Democrats, but they won't go along with Trump's long list of demands, meaning what once seemed like a bipartisan compromise in the works now looks more like another legislative standoff. The White House knows Dems will never accept these terms, which is probably why Trump World made the demands in the first place.

The Democrats' proposed "Dream Act" would give those enrolled in DACA permanent legal status that would include a path to citizenship in the United States.

The Trump administration has released a list of hard-line immigration priorities that threaten to derail efforts to protect from deportation hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, many of whom were brought into the us illegally as children.

President Trump also wants legislation that would block so-called sanctuary cities from getting federal grants or entering cooperative agreements with the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

They include funding for Trump's border wall, drastically increased immigration enforcement, and even new restrictions on legal immigration.

Construction of the wall across the Mexico border.

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"Mr. Dougherty was not stating administration policy or the President's views", said Tyler Q. Houlton, the DHS deputy press secretary.

India has expressed concern over the future of H1-B visas because Trump had said during his election campaign that he would limit them because he asserted they affected the employment prospects of Americans.

The White House sees the wall as a priority but has indicated that it could be established as part of a DACA bill or through other legislative avenues. But that relief was short-lived - administration officials pushed back nearly immediately, arguing that no such deal had been made.

After an enormous outcry, Trump undermined his AG, as he is wont to do, and met with Democratic leaders to discuss a possible deal to protect the "Dreamers".

The Hill reported on Sunday that the proposals had been sent to Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer, the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties in the Senate respectively, as well as to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader.

In the end, we have a president who is using the border wall, the lives of innocent children fleeing their home countries at grave danger to themselves, and the erasure of any even vaguely "safe space" for immigrants in America as bargaining chips for DACA protection. But according to the Wall Street Journal, Trump officials "stopped short of saying the White House would insist on them", and said the president is not issuing any veto threats.

The White House proposals would curb the ability of family members to join their relatives from overseas, upending decades of immigration policy, and put strict new limits on asylum claims.

The White House immigration principles appear to be a departure from that earlier statement.