Walmart Looking to Perform Online Purchase Returns in 35 Seconds


For making shoppers every aspect simple Walmart is changing retail with remarkable, innovation controlled offerings like Mobile Express Money Services, Pickup Towers, Online Grocery Pickup, and free two-day shipping without an enrollment charge. And, it seems the big-box retailer is onto something.

The giant retailer is locked in a market share battle with Inc. the e-commerce behemoth and has been busily working on its own online business and has leveraged its massive 4,700 store count to create an experience that has far fewer hassles for its myriad of online shoppers. Refunds will appear in your account the following day.

The retailer will launch Mobile Express Returns, a process by which a customer can return a purchased item by entering details into Walmart's mobile app, then taking the item to a nearby store at his or her convenience.

Besides, Amazon has also started the same program of reruns at Whole Foods stores across the US, after acquiring the grocery chain in August. The company announced earlier today that it will introduce Mobile Express Returns, an option on the Walmart app that allows customers to return products.

Walmart's trying to make its return process as speedy as possible.

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The company's spokesperson said, "We will be using technology to help us spot irregular behavior". Items eligible for the instant return credit, without bringing the products back, include shampoo and some cosmetics. Other products, including those that can not be reuse by the store once they have been opened or damaged, are expected to be added over time. The company declined to say how many customers use its app, and doesn't share data on the volume of items returned.

The retail chain said the app will let its clients to enter all the needed information about the return before coming to the store, where a Walmart staff will facilitate the transaction in less than a minute. At the store, you can fast-track through the line via a Mobile Express Lane at the customer service desk. Come December, items that Wal-Mart would otherwise discard if returned may be kept, whilst refunds will still be provided.

The whole process will only take around 35 seconds or less, according to Walmart.

And bucking the trend in a retail industry where many rivals are paring their store fleets, Walmart said it plans to open a few more stores: it expect to open fewer than 15 SuperCenters in the USA next year, a small uptick to be sure, but additional physical facilities to support its roughly $15 billion a year e-commerce business.