Video showing high school cheerleaders yelling racial slur prompts investigation


An Instagram video of five high school girls screaming racial slurs and profanities has gone viral, urging school administrators to investigate the offensive clip.

School officials say that the video was recorded a year ago, was then posted privately on social media, and was then released by an unknown person (s). Apparently the girls were actually saying "serggin cuff", but they reversed the video before posting so that it sounds like they're really saying "f*ck n*ggers".

"Right now the focus is on the investigation and trying to answer all the questions that have come up", Findlay said of the video, which has been widely discussed at school.

A horrifying video of five high school girls giggling as they repeatedly blurt out the N-word has surfaced.

KUTV reports that school officials will take "appropriate disciplinary action.if the students involved are found to have violated the school's code of conduct".

'Certainly, there are no excuses for this type of behavior, but they are still children in a sense and hopefully this will be a learning experience for them and others'.

'They were fully aware of what they did and posted it because they thought it was amusing, ' one person said.

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The clip was initially posted on Instagram and shows the girls riding in a auto shouting, "f*** n***ers" into the camera while smiling and giggling.

Jeanetta Williams, president of NAACP's Idaho-Utah-Nevada chapter, called the video "appalling", according to the Associated Press, and wants the district to send a strong response, including suspending the cheerleaders from the squad.

"The students were on a trip outside of school on their own personal time", School district spokesman Lane Findlay told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Findlay also told the Deseret News that the students risk being expelled or kicked off the cheerleading team. However the video was made, it is completely inappropriate'.

"They knew what they were doing it". The photo was taken in the school library and shared across social media.

Whether intentional, or by stealth machination, the video serves to corroborate ongoing negative attitudes towards African Americans, minorities and the plethora of antagonism that is deep rooted in society, perhaps more so in the religious white state of Utah....