US Ambassador Falsely Claims Israel Only Occupies 2% Of West Bank


The two-state solution has been the backbone of a potential Israeli-Palestinian settlement and aims to forge an independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel.

Friedman explained that a new Israeli-Palestinian peace plan is in the works, and will be presented in the coming months. Ambassador Friedman continues to damage U.S. efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace, a chief United States national security interest and avowed goal of President Trump.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemns "all acts of violence" including the killing of three Israelis by a Palestinian gunman on Tuesday in the West Bank settlement of Har Adar, an aide said in a radio interview on Thursday.

In the Walla interview, Friedman cited UN Security Council Resolution 242, which passed in November 1967, that said a Middle East peace deal should include a withdrawal of "Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict". "There was always supposed to be some expectation of [Israeli] expansion" into Judea and Samaria.

The US ambassador is a vocal supporter of Israel's illegal settlement activities in the occupied territories and its occupation even though they contradict with official US policy.

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"I think that's exactly what Israel has done".

The same paper went on to report that the companies had responded to the commissioner's notice by saying that they did not intend to renew their contracts in Israel or sign new ones.

"His latest statement about Israel "occupying only 2% of the West Bank"... is not only false and misleading but contradict [s] worldwide law, United Nations resolutions and also the historical USA position", Erekat said, adding that "Israel is internationally recognized as the occupying power over 100% of Palestine". "We'll try to get it done right, not done fast".

More than 600,000 Israelis now live in settlements in the territory that are regarded as illegal by most of the worldwide community. But as Friedman must know, Israel's control of the West Bank - geographically, topographically, politically, economically, and in any other way imaginable - can not be dwarfed into his two-percent figure. "Obviously its clear what is going on here, 54% of American foreign aid goes to Israel, 26% of that allows Israelis to buy weapons from Israeli suppliers and the list just goes on and on", Dankof said.