Twitter is finally making it easier to bookmark tweets to read later


Twitter is keen to keep growing its user base and isn't afraid to introduce new features that will encourage that growth. All the tweets added to Bookmarks can then be accessed through a list in settings.

Jesar Shah, an associate product manager at Twitter, said the company already has already built a prototype. In order to preserve the tweet or we can say to save the tweet, the new updated app offers "Add to Bookmarks" tool.

This new feature, born out of Hack Wek, should provide an alternative that maintains a user's privacy. Twitter is looking to the community for guidance on the design before it finalizes the bookmarking feature.

These methods are not ideal as they're not as fast as just clicking a button to save the tweet, with the exception of the "heart" feature.

Twitter's other employees, including new hired Sriram Krishnan, who is a senior director of product also noted Twitter's plans for this new feature. You can choose from these options to a particular tweet.

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"Right now, people bookmark [sic] Tweets by liking, DM-ing to themselves, or Retweeting", Shah said. The heart icon, for example, can be taken as people marking their favorite tweets, not as people bookmarking them to reference later.

Upon saving, a snack bar appears with a shortcut to quickly "View Bookmarks". They can also go through the slightly cumbersome task of direct messaging or emailing a tweet to themselves.

Twitter has yet to indicate if the feature will be tested among a small group of users, or when the feature will be available for all.

Though Twitter is ubiquitous in media because of frequent use by U.S. President Donald Trump and many celebrities, the company has struggled financially.