Trump Might Visit DMZ Between North Korea and South Korea


South Korean defense officials believe North Korea is training special forces in the use of paragliders.

Yonhap's source said Trump may venture as far as Panmunjom, the village on the northern end of the demilitarized zone, which, despite its name, is one of the more heavily mined and guarded areas on earth. "Since export processing of textiles was also included in the new sanctions against North Korea passed by the UN Security Council, any resumption of work at the factories will have to be limited to the domestic market or smuggling".

South Korea says it has developed technologies to produce graphite bombs capable of paralyzing North Korea's power supply in case of war, Yonhap news agency reports, citing military officials. The South Korean defense source also suggested that Trump might visit frontline islands.

Trump is considering visiting the same post when he visits South Korea during a swing through Japan, China, Vietnam and the Philippines beginning November 2.

It also warned North Korea would not "flinch an inch" from continuing to bolster its own nuclear weapons development program should the United States continue with what Pyongyang perceives to be a "hostile" policy.

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The Kill Chain program is created to detect, identify and intercept incoming missiles in the shortest possible time and operates in conjunction with the Korea Air and Missile Defense system for lower-tier defense against inbound missiles. Trump has rejected the possibility of talks and stressed the need for increased pressure and perhaps the application of military force.

The DMZ separates the two countries that are technically still at war because the Korean conflict ended in a truce in 1953 instead of a peace treaty.

Former President Obama visited an observation post in the DMZ in 2012 and peered through binoculars at North Korea.

It has carried out the research through North Korean defectors at Hanawon, a resettlement center meant to help North Korean defectors adjust to life in South Korea. South Korea has been monitoring military activity in North Korea so that it could counter any attack before it is too late.