Steve Mnuchin Has Cost Taxpayers $800000 For Travel On Military Planes


Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin may have helped to bring unwelcome attention to the travel expenses of Donald Trump's cabinet members with his since-withdrawn request for a government plane to use on his honeymoon with wife Louise Linton, but an official review has found that his expenses since February have been legit-if somewhat expensive. One round-trip journey on a military plane to Miami cost $43,725.50, while commercial air would have cost $688, the inspector general report said.

"I see no violation of law in these requests and uses", Delmar wrote in a report obtained by several news outlets late Thursday.

Mnuchin used government planes for travel overseas and within the United States.

But Delmar said he found a "disconnect" between the rules requiring government officials to document why they need to travel by military jet and whether the trips meet the standard of "White House Support Missions" and "the actual amount of proof provided by Treasury and accepted by the White House in justifying these trip requests".

Prompted by the rash of bad press-which began with Steve Mnuchin's wife bragging online about the perks of being rich and having taxpayers pick up the tab-the Trump administration has begun looking into officials' luxury-travel habits.

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Sen. McConnell's press team posted a photo to Instagram showing the senator and Mnunchin "at Fort Knox before viewing the solar eclipse from the rooftop".

The boilerplate language that was frequently used read, "Due to scheduling, logistics, and communications needs, the use of reimbursable military aircraft, preferably a C-40, is requested".

The report was released less than a week after former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigned in the wake of reports he'd cost taxpayers $1 million got his private air travel, including a five-figure trip from Washington to Philly, which can be reached easily by train - or a vehicle.

Treasury secretaries, like most non-national security cabinet-level positions, typically fly commercial airlines, other than in unusual circumstances, because of the extreme cost of using a military plane. The flights so far have cost taxpayers more than $800,000, the report found.

A flight to Palm Beach, Florida, by Mnuchin's top aide, Eli Miller - on the private jet of a hedge fund billionaire and major contributor to Republican campaigns - is under separate review by the inspector general's office after The Post reported on the trip.