Samsung is all talk about the IoT with Bixby 2.0 and SmartThings


The dedicated Bixby button on Galaxy handsets has been disabled by the company after users anxious that they might accidentally activate it. Samsung still refuses to allow Galaxy owners to remap the button (possibly to open rival Google Assistant). The approach is to connect and control IoT-enabled products from one main hub, which makes sense since Samsung some time ago made a decision to add connectivity to all its future devices.

Building on the technology in the Samsung ARTIK devices unveiled a year ago, Samsung has unveiled new ARTIK Internet of Things modules and security services which have been created to deliver comprehensive device-to-cloud protection for IoT applications.

Samsung claims that it is reinventing the Bixby with version 2.0.

The fact that Bixby 2.0 will be open to third-party developers could be helpful, and it may address one of Ars' chief complaints about Bixby (the inferiority of its ecosystem).

SAMSUNG on Wednesday announced it is upgrading its Bixby digital assistant and making it available for a range of connected devices, setting up a clash with Amazon's Alexa and others competing for leadership in artificial intelligence.

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Bixby 2.0, described by Samsung as "a fundamental leap forward for digital assistants", takes the fight to Alexa and Google Assistant with its aim to power everything from your smartphone and connected speakers, to smart TV and, er, fridge.

The company also rebranded its SmartThings, Samsung Connect and ARTIK into one IoT platform, now called SmartThings Cloud.

Expect Bixby 2.0 to be more personal and have more natural language capabilities.

Initially, the SDK is only available to those taking part in a private beta program. This will be a precursor for consumers speaking to smart devices in their homes. This would enable developers to create more meaningful ways to harness the abilities of the assistant across a wider device segment, including those outside of Samsung's domain as well. Bixby can be a friendly and playful assistant to your kids while being a serious newsreader to you while getting ready for office.

Well, Samsung has just released this new Bixby 2.0 Voice Assistant in the market.