Rodgers comes to Packers' rescue


Fourth quarter now, It's 21-15, and Rodgers play action, and Jordy Nelson is wide open in the back of the end zone.

The Cowboys got a great effort in the first half from Dak Prescott, Cole Beasley and the defensive line was able to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers by sacking him three times in the first half. In the process, they may have found a solution to their backfield woes, as rookie running back Aaron Jones exploded for 125 rushing yards and a touchdown Sunday. The Eagles haven't exactly been world beaters, with their last three wins coming over the 0-5 Giants, 1-4 Chargers and 2-3 Cardinals, but they've mostly taken care of business this year. The Packers seem to come out on top more times than not.

Off that Thursday night game in which he suffered a concussion, Adams was targeted 11 times and caught seven passes for 66 yards and two touchdowns.

A year ago the Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in a thriller to send them to the NFC Championship game against the Atlanta Falcons.

While the Green Bay Packers were making there way down the field to try and score, fans couldn't help but notice many Cowboys fans in the crowd cheering on the Green Bay Packers. Should the Cowboys have run the ball on second-and-2 instead of throwing a pass in the fourth quarter to make sure the clock kept running?

But unlike last week, when Dallas almost abandoned its run game in the second half - Ezekiel Elliott had 14 carries for 56 yards in the first two quarters against the Rams, but then just 29 yards on seven tries in the final two frames - the Cowboys continued to hand the ball to their star rusher. It was the sixth and decisive lead change of the game. The march required a reviewed spot on an Ezekiel Elliott fourth-and-1 run, but it showed Elliott reached the ball over the Packers' 19-yard line, extending the Cowboys' drive.

Marlon Mack, Colts, had 91 yards and a TD on just nine carries. He replaced Ty Montgomery, out after breaking some ribs in the win over the Bears.

At that point, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said he wasn't thinking about January's playoff win.

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Even tight end Martellus Bennett got things going, catching three passes for a season best 53 yards, including a 33-yard catch on a wheel route on safety Byron Jones.

That didn't stop Rodgers from trying again on the very next play.

Rodgers has thrown three-plus touchdown passes in three straight games. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers chipped in four carries 32 yards, including a crucial 18-yard scramble on the game-winning scoring drive.

"It's a frustrating loss", Prescott said, "but we'll get better with this". Rodgers went his way on first down only to have the pass broken up.

In this back-and-forth affair, the Cowboys scored with one minute remaining in the game to go up 31-28.

Prescott accounted for four total touchdowns against the Green Bay Packers yesterday afternoon.

The jeers started in the first quarter of the Dolphins' home debut, and soon the crowd was chanting for backup quarterback Matt Moore. At this point, the Packers were in Mason Crosby's range, meaning, at worst, they'd have a good shot at a field goal attempt that would tie the game at 31. What can the Cowboys do to avoid second half collapses? What was insane about this particular play was how close it came to working - thanks in part to multiple players on the Packers seeming to think the game had ended while the play was still going on.