Reporters' children trick or treat in Oval Office


Accused sexual predator Donald Trump flexed his Halloween spirit Friday by dressing up as the president and creeping out the children of White House pool reporters.

Trump had spent more than double on White House furniture by June of his presidency than Obama during his first few months in office, according to one report.


"I can not believe the media produced such lovely children", he joked, unsmiling.

"Are you crying for me sweetheart?" he asked.

Multiple media organizations began reaching out to Gold Star families this week after Trump that and other past presidents didn't call the families of fallen soldiers. A former Trump Organization executive told the New York Times past year that Trump once joked that she enjoyed candies a little too much.

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The president's conduct with prospective trick-or-treaters stands in especially stark contrast to that of his predecessor, Barack Obama, who notoriously loved children and took every opportunity to play with them in the Oval Office.

"You get treated better by the press than anybody in the world, right?" he said, again eliciting laughter. "So you take out whatever you need, OK?" "You did a good job".

More than a dozen costumed kids, including little witches and Princess Leias, a pint-sized Darth Vader, and a purple-haired unicorn gathered around the Resolute Desk, where the president handed out little boxes of White House Hershey's Kisses. "Don't answer. That question can only get me in trouble".

Trump then pointed one finger at himself.