Puerto Rican civilians grateful for Rock Hill National Guard during Maria recovery


Many days later, our family received a brief message somehow that said Kathy and her family were safe, and that was out.

It seemed to begin when the mayor criticised Acting Director of Homeland Security Elaine Duke's comments that despite reports of supplies being trapped in Puerto Rican ports and bureaucratic holdups in distributing aid, "this is a good news story". So, for example, we know we're delivering food to all of the municipalities, and water. The FCC announced Saturday that it's approved an experimental license for Project Loon to operate in Puerto Rico.

Over the weekend, President Donald J. Trump praised his response to the devastation caused to the island of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, which left dozens dead and thousands without power or potable water. Google parent company Alphabet has proposed launching balloons over the island to bring Wi-Fi service to hard-to-reach places, as it has in other parts of the world.

Mike Dent, director of pharmacy finance at the PSNC, said: "There are many factors influencing the United Kingdom medicines market at present and PSNC's focus is on ensuring that pharmacy contractors can access the medicines their patients need and that they are reimbursed correctly". But that doesn't mean it will able to get them in the air anytime soon.

Soldiers assigned to the 249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power), along with civilian U.S. Army Corps of Engineer responders, are working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide power generators to support disaster relief emergency operations throughout Puerto Rico. He also attached a video purporting to show, "What the fake news media will not show you in Puerto Rico..." The DPA was passed in 1950 to give the federal government the ability to quickly mobilize vast private sector resources through the Defense Department to respond to crises.

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The distribution of supplies including food, water and fuel has been a major challenge for the struggling government after Maria wiped out its power grid, flooded roads and crippled the communications system.

Rural Americans were increasingly unhappy with Trump's handling of health care in March and April after he lobbied for a Republican plan to overhaul ObamaCare and cut coverage for millions of Americans. He sent a letter to US airlines serving Puerto Rico requesting they take additional steps to ensure victims of Hurricane Maria are not stuck on the island due to unreasonable fees or exorbitant ticket prices to the mainland United States. Still, he continues to defend his response to the natural disaster-particularly the paper towel toss.

Immediately after the storm passed, the Puerto Ricans began to rebuild.

The island's infrastructure is the main culprit behind the lagging aid, not the USA government.