Old iPhone Slowing Down? Data Suggests It's All in Your Head


"Our benchmarking data shows that, rather than intentionally degrading the performance of older models, Apple actually does a good job of supporting its older devices with regular updates that maintain a consistent level of performance across iOS versions", said the release from Futuremark.

iOS 11.1 beta 2 features more than 50 new emoji characters.

Apple tests out its software extensively before pushing it out to everyone, that's why it has an initiative called the 'Beta Software Program.' This means that you do not have to spend $99 on an annual basis just to try out beta software from the Cupertino company. So Apple has pushed out iTunes 12.6.3 which brings back the functionality allowing users to install apps and ringtones for their iOS devices from the desktop. First of all, Microsoft has updated the app's UI to look great on the upcoming iPhone X. iPhone X is Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone which has an unique notch on the top of the display.

Here's hoping that Apple quickly releases a patch to fix the battery and performance issues.

Many Twitter users who have upgraded their iOS devices with the latest update, have posted their Tweets featuring these new emojis. Hundreds of new emojis, including more smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing, food, animals and mythical creatures are coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1.

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The 3D Touch Multitasking feature requires a 3D Touch-enabled device if you want to make the most of its use.

TNW has shared everything regarding this new hidden Emojis' set with the newly updated iOS devices.

"If you've already installed a newer version of iTunes, you can download this version of iTunes on your Mac, PC 32-bit or PC 64-bit and run the installer".

Since Apple has chose to tease which emojis will be coming out with iOS 11.1, we thought we would give you a small rundown. We also see a lot of new creatures that are mythical in the new emoji update.