Next Microsoft Surface Could Be Foldable, Make Calls


Lately, Microsoft's hardware team has been big on creating category-defining devices.

Many giant tech blogs and other tech enthusiasts say that, Microsoft will launch this new foldable tablet to its Surface series with Surface Note or Surface Journal, however there is no any confirmation by the officials regarding the actual name of this upcoming futuristic product.

We wouldn't be surprised to see a foldable Surface device from Microsoft, given that technology has progressed to a point where foldable smartphones and tablets are feasible designs.

So what could make an Andromeda foldable mobile device - which is unlikely to debut until 2018, at best - different this time around?

Microsoft designers have been mulling the possibilities of these kinds of devices for several years, as evidenced by the company's "envisioning" videos from earlier this decade.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on a dedicated notebook app for the device, that is said to mimic writing like a real notebook.

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Instead, Microsoft is going to try and carve out a new market for people who need or want a device like this.

Earlier reports about Microsoft's announcement of the Windows 10 Mobile's demise have affected the Surface Phone rumors.

There is no denying that the Surface Phone has been one of the most talked-about mobile devices.

It will run on an ARM-based chipset, which Microsoft has been hard at work developing mainly for laptops, and because it's essentially running Windows 10, traditional desktop apps will work, too. It already works across the Web and devices and has a lot of dedicated fans. But that doesn't mean Microsoft is abandoning the mobile market all-together. Microsoft's revamped Wunderlist to-do app, known as To-Do, would be a natural. The Andromeda would make practical use of digital pen and ink.

I'm curious: What would make a foldable mobile device interesting to you, readers?

I'm told the device puts pen and inking at the very forefront, with some prototypes opening up into a notebook app that's tied to OneNote, with support for your usual inking options via Windows Ink. I'm unable to verify if the device will be able to run Win32 programs.