Mother in vaccination fight loses primary custody of son


A Detroit mother who says she "cares deeply" for her children has been jailed and had her custody rights reduced after refusing to get one of them vaccinated.

"It's been a rough few days to say the least", she added.

A Friend of the Court referee, after reviewing the custody battle case, recommended that both parents, Bredow and Horne, get joint custody of their son.

Horne wanted his son vaccinated and Bredow agreed to do so last November but didn't follow through.

"She's devastated", Vitale said of Bredow. "If not, you will appear here Wednesday and if you have not, I'll send you to jail".

Rebecca Bredow, 40, served five days in Oakland County Jail for going against a judge's order to inoculate her son, the Detroit Free Press reported.

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Despite losing primary custody of her son, spending five days in jail and the fact that her son was vaccinated anyway, Bredow said standing up for her beliefs "was worth it".

Bredow says she did this and that she and Horne had an agreement when their son was born to delay his vaccine schedule for three months. "Your attorney signed that order", she added at the time of sentencing.

Bredow said she has received an "overwhelming amount of support" from her community.

"I understand you love your children".

Summary: A MI mother was sentenced to jail for defying a judge's order to immunize her son and during the week she spend locked up her son received his immunizations. There is no civil or criminal penalty for refusing to vaccinate your child in the USA, and every state allows parents to opt out for medical reasons, while some states permit parents to decline vaccinations due to philosophical or religious reasons.