Microsoft Edge found better than Chrome & Firefox against phishing attacks


Microsoft highlighted the continue feature of Edge that lets you continue on PC what you left off on mobile. There are about 4 million devices using Windows 10 Home and Pro in the Netherlands.

Now there are two options for telemetry data in Windows 10. "That results in an intrusive profile of yourself", according to Wilbert Tomesen, vice-chairman of the Dutch DPA. They are not informed which data are being used for what goal, neither that based on these data, personalized advertisements and recommendations can be presented, if those users have not opted out from these default settings on installation or afterward. A preview version of Microsoft Edge (described by the software giant as "unreleased") is now available on Google Play. DPA Vice-Chairman Wilbert Tomesen expresses that it is hard for users to know the extent of personal data being shared creating "an intrusive profile" of individuals using the operating system. If this is not the case, the Dutch DPA can decide to impose a sanction on Microsoft. Do people know about this, do they want this?

Microsoft processes data from both levels of telemetry in order to fix errors, to keep devices up-to-date and secure and to improve its own products and services. For added convenience, Microsoft Edge Preview will be able to automatically log you in if you happen to already be using another Microsoft-made Android app like Outlook or OneNote on your device and are logged into it. The collection of the full telemetry data is thus more unpredictable.

I'm traveling today-I guess I really missed driving between Boston and Pennsylvania, so I'm doing it again for kicks-but I did download Microsoft Edge Preview on Android at a rest area in CT.

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The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) alleges that Microsoft has been using its marquee operating system to collect information on users' web surfing behavior so as to target them with personalized ads and recommendations.

According to the Dutch DPA, Microsoft has already said that it intends to stop all of these violations of the European Union data protection law. Further, the company said that the Creators Update and upcoming Fall Creators Update will make it easier for the users to control their privacy options.

In this regard, the security of the OS is not particularly relevant and the report found that there was no significant difference between users on an open platform like Windows 10 and closed platforms like Windows 10 S or Chrome OS.