Microsoft Announces End of Groove Music and Transition to Spotify


Microsoft will continue to update Groove, which first started as Xbox Music, for previously owned music, but streaming/purchasing/downloading options will be halted December 31. Microsoft will release an update for the Groove Music app that will allow users to move their collections and playlists to Spotify.

Microsoft stated that "Now you can move your curated playlists and collection from Groove directly into Spotify". Those who are part of the Windows Insider program can already start moving their music but those who are Groove Music Pass subscribers will have to wait for the Windows 10 update that will be rolling out in the next few weeks to start their migration.

Today, in a quite serious blog post, Microsoft officials annouced that Groove Music Pass and it's related services will be discountinued starting October 9, 2017.

Microsoft will continue to run Groove Music Pass until the end of calendar 2017.

Spotify is the largest streaming media service, with around 140 million customers, but it's wildly unprofitable; in June, it reported losses of $601 million on revenue of $3.3 billion for 2016.

Groove Music was its latest attempt, which replaced the Xbox Music service when it was launched in July 2015.

Some users might even be eligible for two months of Spotify Premium for free.

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You can't fault Microsoft for trying, but Groove Music, its Spotify competitor, never took off.

Microsoft's plan to continue to operate the Groove Music app implies to me the company may still have more music-related apps and/or services in the wings. There are plenty of other questions the FAQ answers as well, including what will happen to your music, OneDrive streaming, and more. While Groove has gone without any significant updates for a while now, Microsoft has been hammering out a new partnership with Spotify.

Groove Music Pass will remain available until December 31 when it completely shuts down.

Groove Music Pass subscribers will have the option of migrating to Spotify until "at least" January 31st.

Are you an existing Groove Music service users?

Purchased music remains playable in the Groove application.

From there, select the playlist you just created. Consumers will no longer be able to purchase or download music from the Windows Store next year, but will still be able to access local music files or those stored in the cloud.