LaVar Ball pulls LaMelo out of high school


Dennis Latimore took over as head coach of the Chino Hills High School basketball team in May, and has already had a few clashes with Ball and his son, who has made a name for himself with his Stephen Curry-esque shooting ability.

Will he then get housed when he plays real games?

LaVar will now homeschool LaMelo for his remaining two years of high school.

LaVar's latest decision, to lift LaMelo from the high school where he has starred, is shocking in that it's rare and counter-intuitive but also predictable in that LaVar's chief goal for his sons seems to be National Basketball Association stardom, and you don't need to know trigonometry or European history to make an All-Star Game.

LaVar Ball told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that he is pulling his youngest son, LaMelo, out of Chino Hills High School and plans to home school the 16-year-old. Instead, the Big Baller Brand head honcho will be working with his son on his own, in order to make him "the best basketball player ever".

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"It's good for Melo", LaVar said. It seems like anybody whose training over here that coach don't want him in the team. LaVar says that his son, who is committed to UCLA, still intends to play for the Bruins in two years.

Of course, LaVar didn't need to pull LaMelo entirely out of school just to get him away from a coach he didn't like. "I didn't foresee this happening", Baik said.

A proud basketball dad, Ball was accused of undermining former Chino Hills coach Stephan Gilling, who was let go this past April, by "entering the locker room and offering instructions from the stands that contradicted what he had coached the team to do".

After the game, LaVar confronted the coach, demanding an explanation for his tactics.

"I'm not dealing with the coach over there", the elder Ball told ESPN.