Han Solo Movie 'Solo' Brings So Low Expectations


The director of the spinoff, Ron Howard, tweeted the reveal earlier today as production on the movie wrapped. Why such a long wait to confirm everyone's expectations?

Solo: A Star Wars Story, due out next year, has seen its fair share of problems since it went into production.

However, a Star Wars fansite later claimed that the directors' "screwball comedy angle" was "starting to interfere with what the character of Han Solo is really about". Why not just say, "Yes, it's called Solo, because Han Solo felt too on the nose" upfront, and save the keystrokes when talking about directors leaving the project, or a new one being hired...? The more hopeful among us might have pointed out that Rogue One had similar behind-the-scenes problems and it turned out fine, but at least that film had a good title. Again, the movie is called Solo. Alternatively, there's a just-as-likely chance that Solo was a late decision, the "It'll Do" option when nothing better could be found. Since then, Howard has been working nearly non-stop, with extensive reshoots that have likely changed the film considerably from its original version as he shows regularly on his social media accounts.

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In a break with the tradition of Star Wars movies, the "standalone" features do not feature the Star Wars theme by John Williams, or the franchise's iconic "opening crawl". Maybe when the first teaser trailer drops...

I hope none of these ideas are what Solo: A Star Wars Story are about but I have a feeling Redlettermedia is closer than farther from the truth.