Google Maps pulls cupcake calorie counter after backlash


It showed not only calorie estimates, but how many "mini cupcakes" you could burn by walking. Men are seeking help for eating disorders now more than ever-here's how one guy overcame an eating disorder that almost killed him. For example, a mini cupcake meant 110 calories.

The company had been quietly testing a new feature in Maps that showed people how many calories they would burn if they walked to their destination instead of drove or took public transport.

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Others noted, however, that other mapping apps have long had similar features (though not with the whole cupcake aspect).

Google already announced that they would be pulling back the feature in a statement sent to BuzzFeed News, who explain, "it is removing this feature due to strong user feedback". So, if you went to get directions for a 2.2-mile journey, Google would tell you that walking the route "burns around 199 calories - that's nearly 2 mini cupcakes!". Some twitter users said the feature could "shame" and even "trigger" those with eating disorders. For those who are curios, if a person were to walk to the moon, they would burn about 1,400,344,433 mini cupcakes. "That's exactly the sort of snack a gaggle of Soylent-chugging gym nerds eternally cloistered in the amniotic sac of a Google conference room would assume we on the outside are shoveling into our maws, taking breaks only to unlock our vehicle doors or use our sticky fingers to order more mini cupcakes". This is a feature that tracks how many calories a person has burned by walking a certain distance on foot. Another fix for the issue is by making the feature better by adding personalised elements like age, height, weight, and gender. In particular, the lack of a way to turn off this feature triggered a number of peeps, with the most vocal one being The Hill's Taylor Lorenz.