Google has a 'Manhattan' project that's aimed at Amazon


This week Amazon boosted its Echo line up to nine specific devices, perceivably filling the need for every possible use case. One important difference, however, is that Google's "Manhattan" would be able to play YouTube videos, a feature that Google just pulled access to from the Amazon's Echo Show.

There is also a smaller version available for the Echo Plus which is nearly half the size of the original and you can get one for yourself now for about $99.

The new Echo is built out of metal and sports cloth around the entire body, though different shells, which can be swapped on, will be available for purchase.

Amazon kicked off an unexpected hardware event yesterday and surprised us by showcasing their cool new hardware added to their Echo family.

The new Amazon Echo Plus looks similar to the original Amazon Echo, however it is bigger in size and has the same but longer cylindrical design.

Having their own smart hub screen is a logical move for Google, especially given their recent move to remove YouTube from the Echo Show due to Amazon's violations of their terms of services when it comes to subscriptions and video recommendations. The new Amazon Echo Plus is priced at $149.

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It unveiled a new version of its Fire TV player that will stream 4K video similar to its predecessor, but will sell for $70, down from $100 previously.

The updated and redesigned Echo boasts improved audio quality and uses an all-new far-field technology. You can see current weather condition and clock on the 2.5 mm display.

The screen can also stream a video feed from compatible smart cameras, and contains a camera of its own that you can view a live feed of from the Alexa app. It has an optional video calling support as well which you can choose at the time of purchasing it. The Echo Spot will cost $129 when it ships in December.

Echo Spot fits easily into any room of your home.

Texas Instruments (TI) and Intel are the two other chipset suppliers for Amazon, said the report. And the user's phone number will be displayed as caller ID.

Amazon also announced BMW is joining other automakers such as Ford, Hyundai and Mercedes who are incorporating Alexa into their dashboard consoles.