Google CEO Vows To 'Drop Everything' And Deal With Burger Emoji Issue


Many of us might find the debate insignificant or even frivolous, but Google chief executive Sundar Pichai is dropping everything else to focus on the issue today.

Baekdal's tweet ignited other users to respond to the faulty emoji, "Cheese simply has to be on the burger, no argument".

Apple's is (correctly) placed on top of the meat, while Google's is beneath the patty.

Should the cheese in a cheeseburger emoji be at the bottom of the burger or the top? Sometimes it comes down to the little details, and most recently someone pointed out that Google's cheeseburger emoji wasn't quite right...

A Twitter user posted the two emojis side by side, pointing out the difference between them.

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LG goes without the tomato, with a straightforward bun-lettuce-cheese-meat-bun combo, while HTC throws in a second patty, puts lettuce in the middle, and cheese above the upper patty and below the lower.

By Saturday night, Pichai weighed in, saying that Google would address the stacking - if people could agree on the correct way to do it. However, he adds, this would add a step of melting the cheese in broiler because the residual heat from the burger would not melt it.

But he's also got the world's most important internet company to run, so he'd prefer to crowdsource the proper ingredient order. Between the two buns, the company's graphic designer made a decision to add, from top to bottom, lettuce and tomato, then patty, then the cheese.

The Apple hamburger emoji, left, compared to Google's.

Google appears to be the only tech company that offers the cheese below the patty. We hope Google fixes it soon.