Google Announces Three New Chrome Security Features


Google has introduced three changes to Chrome for Windows to improve the browser's malware detection and removal capabilities.

Google is now clamping down on Chrome extensions that change user settings, such as the default search engine.

The new security features for Chrome on Windows are an addition to existing defenses, such as Safe Browsing warnings for pages known to deliver malware.

Google also made a decision to completely redesign Chrome Cleanup to make it both simpler and more powerful.

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They created Chrome Cleanup, a service for Windows machines that use Chrome as an internet browser.

Chrome will also allow users to reset their default search engine in cases where it has been changed without content. Google says that this feature has already helped millions of people recover from unwanted settings.

'Under the hood, we upgraded the technology we use in Chrome Cleanup to detect and remove unwanted software. A pop-up window will appear when Chrome Cleanup detects any harmful software and provides users the option to remove it from their Windows PC. The job of Cleanup is to detect unwanted software and alert the user to its presence. To set the severity FOR, be used engine ESET. As per the data provided by Statcounter for the month of September, Chrome has dominated the market with a share of 55.68 percent, over 41 percent more than the share of Apple's Safari that comes second with 14.22 percent market. Google is not positioning it as a "general-purpose antivirus". It should allow more unwanted software to be detected while also allowing for a more thorough clean up even for the most malicious Chrome-targeted attacks. As pointed out by Android Police, Google Chrome is a performance hog and is notorious for eating up RAM. Also, only selected parts of OS are being scanned as compared to full a blown security solution. You will need to click on the details button find out exactly what's being considered harmful and what will be removed by the tool.