Google announces the Advanced Protection Program for enhanced account security


At the moment Google Chrome is required if you want to enroll in the Advanced Protection Program, because of its support for the U2F standard for Security Keys. Right now, Gmail and Drive access will be exclusively limited to Google apps, though the company says that it does expect to expand on that in the future.

We've been testing Advanced Protection for the last several weeks and learning from people like Andrew Ford Lyons, a Technologist at Internews, an global nonprofit organization that has supported the development of thousands of media outlets worldwide.

With the reference to campaign workers, it seems clear that Google created the program in part to respond to months of news reports about Russian election hacking previous year that's put a harsh spotlight on both Google and Facebook.

Today, Google rolled out a new program called Advanced Protection for personal Google accounts, meant to provide much higher account security to users of services like Gmail and Drive who are at a high risk of being targeted by phishers, hackers, and others seeking their personal data.

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Likewise, program users will only be able to use the company's own Chrome browser to access Google services over the web. Google notes "extra steps", like additional reviews and request for more details, in place during the account recovery process.

The new Security Checkup will keep evolving as new threats arise-you can count on it to provide you with relevant, up-to-date security advice that you can use to keep your account safe.

The new feature will be most useful for people who regularly send and receive confidential emails, like journalists and people who work in the public sector. People enrolled in the program will need a physical security key to log onto their Gmail and other Google accounts.

Google on Tuesday announced a new security feature made specifically for people with Google accounts who are at high-risk of being targeted for online hacks. Hall is a chief technologist at the Center for Democracy and Technology, who was briefed on the new features by Google. But he noted that they may create compatibility issues among some who already integrate custom security tools with their Google products. This starts with the way Google protects your Google account, and it continues all the way up to the Google Home router that you use at home. We expect other browsers to incorporate this soon.