Gators football team goes full reptile with green scaly uniforms


The Florida Gators plan to debut their alternative alligator-inspired uniforms during Saturday's home football game.

Here are the head-to-toe details of this alternate uniform.

The helmet features the Gator head logo, the first time the school has used that on the helmet. Player numbers are orange with royal blue trim. The helmet, trousers and socks are rendered in the same color, but without the gator-skin treatment. The camouflage-styled jerseys will be paired with "swamp-green" helmets, pants, socks, shoes and gloves. The jersey has an alligator skin pattern.

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Two months ago, we published a piece about the best new college football uniforms in America, claiming that clean, classic looks were the season's in-vogue fashion trend. UF beat A&M, 42-6, in the first meeting in 1962 and Texas A&M returned the favor in the1977 Sun Bowl in El Paso, beating the Gators, 37-14.

Florida will go full gator during this week's matchup with Texas A&M, airing Saturday, October 14th at 7pm on ESPN 2. "We feel this is an appropriate nickname for our stadium".