GameStop's PowerPass plan lets you rent all the used games you want


The GameStop representative also confirmed an interesting detail that wasn't present in the leaked ad: you'll be able to gift a PowerPass subscription to other people.

Looking closer at the fine print, the only catches are that you need to be a member of GameStop's PowerUp Rewards program to sign up, and that you'll be limited to whatever used games are available at your local GameStop.

GameStop will soon be starting a new service under an exciting rental scheme. With GameFly's mail-based system, you'll still have to wait a couple of days to receive the disk, even if you live close to one of its distribution centers. However, there seems to be no limit to the amount of times you can exchange pre-owned games, and it seems that you are allowed to keep one pre-owned game of your choice at the end of the six month period.

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In order to keep track of what has been rented, the service is only available to GameStop's Power-Up Rewards members, though it's open to those on both the free and paid-for tiers. That's a solid deal, especially since you can recoup the price of the subscription by claiming a game that costs around $60 at the end of each six-month subscription. For $60, the PowerPass program turns GameStop's pre-owned catalog into a library for players. You are only allowed to rent one pre-owned game at a time, and you must return it when you rent the next title. Now US retailer GameStop is introducing its own version, dubbed Power Pass, on November 19. Fingers crossed your town is full of big spenders who speedrun all the latest games.

If you like to play games a lot, there's no way GameStop PowerPass won't save you money.

This move of GameStop is an interesting offer to lure more gamers to their stores.