Facebook is testing an Apple Face ID-style facial recognition system


Facebook is testing facial recognition as a way to verify your identity and let you back into your account if you've been locked out, reports TechCrunch. Therefore, the password will still be the primary verification system, failing which the facial recognition feature will be used to log in the user. The feature will be useful if the user can not receive two-factor authentication SMS, or if the person loses access to the primary email account associated with Facebook login.

The feature will be used as an additional form of authentication for users who have been locked out of their account. Now Facebook is experimenting with the technology as a way to login to social media accounts. Facebook then scans the face to confirm if it's really that user.

Facial recognition is nothing new to Facebook. Once a match is found, the account will be unlocked.

The option is reportedly being tested in just a small number of users.

If this wasn't enough confirmation for you, Facebook has confirmed to TechCrunch that it's started testing the face scanning feature.

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According to Facebook, if the feature proves to be secure and not easily fooled by pictures or other hacking methods then it will roll out the feature to more people.

The social media now uses two-step verification to strengthen the security which either involves security code sent via SMS, call on phone or email.

Here is how the facial recognition feature will work on Facebook.

Auto-tagging has been improved over the years by Facebook and it appears as if that the company will use user s photographs to avoid any third-party or hacker to break into the accounts.