Engine destroyed on Air France flight from Paris to LA


Air France flight AF66 from Paris to Los Angeles declared a mayday while flying over the Atlantic, and landed safely at Goose Bay Airport in Labrador a short while ago.

No-one was injured in the incident, but passengers remained on board hours after the landing at 15:42 GMT.

Rather than worry, Adams said she tried to provide emotional support and bond with other passengers.

"It wasn't like hitting turbulence. you heard a loud "boom", and it was the vibration alone that made you think the engine had failed", he said.

His worry that the aircraft's wing could have been compromised disappeared when the flight stabilised within 30 seconds.

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The airline said the plane landed safely Saturday afternoon after being diverted to Goose Bay airport as a precaution in response to a technical issue.

The passengers of the plane posted photos of the damaged engine.

Passengers nervously joked to one another as they tried to make sense of the commotion, Adams said.

The aircraft, an Airbus A380 model, was en route from Paris CDG to Los Angeles LAX when it declared an emergency. "The passengers are now being assisted by teams dispatched to the location".

The extent of the damage or what caused it is unclear, but images shared by passengers on social media show that one of the engines appear to have crumbled.