Dove apologizes for 'racist' Facebook ad


She then removes her T-shirt to reveal an Asian woman.

Unilever's Dove has apologized for a Facebook ad decried as racist in a social-media backlash that began Friday afternoon.

Dove has since removed the ad, but Blake included in the comments that the woman changed to a third and final girl who appears to be non-Caucasian but still light-skinned. "The feedback that has been shared is important to us and we'll use it to guide us in the future", the statement read.

Dove issued mea culpas via Twitter and Facebook saying it "missed the mark in thoughtfully representing women of color and we deeply regret the offense that it has caused. We apologize deeply and sincerely for the offense that it has caused and do not condone any activity or imagery that insults any audience".

"This is the most non-apology apology I've seen all week".

One wrote: "What is Dove even trying to convey besides blatant racism?"

What baffled most people was how these ads went through all the eyes in the brand's marketing team and none of them saw anything wrong.

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Another said: "I am absolutely disgusted". Are you joining the Trump administration now?

Others on social media have used the incident to spread the word about black-owned beauty businesses (that won't use their advertising budgets to portray marginalized people as "dirty", or the "before" stage of a beauty makeover).

"Your image has me scared s**tless at taking my clothes off and there is no way I'd consider turning white a good result".

Some Facebook users seemed to be spilt on the subject. "#Dove my dark skin is not a disease that needs to be cured by your products".

That same user also posted an advert from Pear Soap from the early 19th century that featured a black baby being scrubbed clean and eventually becoming white.

The beauty care products firm today said it "profoundly lamented" the pictures after they started an online race storm.

And as Keith Boykin, a CNN political commentator pointed out, this is not the first time Dove has found itself in hot water for the way its advertised body wash.