British Airline 'Monarch' Collapses Operation, Triggers Largest Peacetime Repatriation


"All future flights and holidays with the Monarch Group are cancelled and customers should not to go to the airport as they will not be able to travel".

Monarch customers in the United Kingdom who are due to depart today or in the future have been told not go to the airport as all flights have been cancelled.

The CAA, with help from the administrators and company employees, will be coordinating the repatriation of Monarch customers who are now overseas, and are scheduled to fly back to the United Kingdom over the next two weeks, at no cost to them.

Monarch Airlines has been forced to cancel all bookings, including flights and holidays, following a decision by the CAA not to renew its licence to operate.

More details on return flights to the United Kingdom can be found at Monarch's website.

"Holidays will not be cut short and customers will not need to return home early".

Government is working with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to create a temporary airline, chartering civilian aircraft from around the world to bring holidaymakers and business people back to the United Kingdom after the shock news this morning.

This is the equivalent of operating, at very short notice, one of the UK's largest airlines, the CAA said.

"The scale and challenge of this operation means that some disruption is inevitable", he warned. Together with the CAA, we will work around the clock to ensure Monarch passengers get the support they need.

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Monarch is the fifth biggest airline in the United Kingdom, and is the biggest one to collapse.

All future flights have been immediately cancelled, affecting an estimated 300,000 bookings.

If you've booked a holiday with Monarch sometime in the near future, you're in trouble. However, those who have paid with a credit card for flights that cost over £100, can claim the money back as the credit card company is liable.

It reported a loss of 291 million pounds a year ago and was placed in administration at 4 am local time when there were no Monarch planes in the air.

"This is an unprecedented response to an unprecedented situation", said British Transport Minister Chris Grayling.

Here's what to do if you are due to fly with Monarch.

We're sorry to announce that Monarch has suspended flights and holidays.

He expressed sympathy with both passengers and employees of Monarch, adding that the airline is a victim of a "price war in the Mediterranean". The CAA has described it as the UK's "biggest ever peacetime repatriation" and said up to 410,000 people could be affected.