Boy, 10, leads police on a high speed chase


The officers had to physically pull the child out of the vehicle via the driver's side window.

Once officers began to chase the young driver, speeds of more than 100 miles per hour were reported.

"Hi, um, I'm pretty sure there's like, a auto chase going on between a mum and her son on I-90 right now", one motorist told 911.

When his mother realised that he had stolen the auto, she jumped in her own vehicle and pursued the young boy. Before he could could get back on the highway and speed up again, an highway patrol commander hit the back of the auto while several other cruisers blocked his path ending the chase.

Authorities say no one was injured during the pursuit that began around 9:30am Thursday when Westlake police saw a auto speed by chased by another vehicle, possibly driven by the boy's mother, on Interstate 90 west of Cleveland.

His mother picked up the chase, following him as he made his way to an interstate.

Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Richard Reeder told Cleveland 19 the boy kicked and spat at an officer who was restraining him.

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After making eye contact with the boy during the chase, a trooper signaled him to pull over. The boy shook his head and sped up, Reeder said. It ended around 9:45 a.m. after an officer forced the child to crash into a police cruiser.

Shortly after, the boy's mother arrived and questioned her son.

"Why did you do this when I kept trying to get you to stop?" his mother asks.

After detaining the boy, his mother informed police this was the second time in two weeks he had taken a family member's auto. "You could have got killed".

The boy was unharmed, according to Cleveland police.

According to, the boy stole a vehicle belonging to her mother's boyfriend at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday when he was supposed to be waiting for his sister to take him to school.