'Alarming Study' on Chemicals in Baby Food Lacks Evidence


The products at the bottom of the lists had 170 percent more arsenic, 35 percent more cadmium, 30 percent more lead, and 20 percent more acrylamide compared to the products at the top.

Researchers used 530 different snacks, cereals, formulas and drinks that had been purchased in the last five months for the test.

Bowen said that she is expecting parents to become good counsellor in taking care of children's health and refine the baby's food business. But a deeper look into the research put forth by this study proves it may be more sensational than informative. It might be frightening to read that "nearly 80% of baby formula samples tested positive for arsenic", but without knowing the levels of arsenic, it is impossible to determine if the amount in baby formula is unsafe.

Every product tested gets a product rating of one, three or five stars. Clean Label also found cadmium, a metal found in batteries, in over half of the samples tested.

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Jaclyn Brown, the executive director of the Clean Label Project, tells USA Today, "The baby industry needs to do a better job in protecting America's most vulnerable population".

Dr. Ayoob, who also specializes in child nutrition in his own clinic, also shared his skepticism of the recent study, claiming that the organization's refusal to add context to their numbers "borders on irresponsible".

In large doses, these elements can cause neurological and developmental problems, stomach difficulties, immune issues, or cancers. The highest levels of arsenic have been detected from rice-based baby foods. But when we say large doses, we're not talking about jars of baby food.

If you're anxious about the results of this study, the best thing you can do is make sure that you vary the foods your baby eats so that he or she gets a well-rounded diet (including a good mix of fruits and veggies, iron, calcium, fat and protein) and doesn't consume too much of any one thing. It's also important to note that even making your own baby food does not completely eliminate the risk of exposure to these contaminates, since they are in produce itself.