50 arrested in MA amid federal immigration sweep


"Individuals with active DACA were not targeted for arrest", a press release from ICE said.

The so-called "Operation Safe City" rounded up 500 people nationwide in what ICE described as "targeted raids in sanctuary cities" - about two-thirds of whom were wanted on criminal charges.

"These are unsafe individuals we're going after", the official said, adding that's why they would hope for better cooperation from state and local authorities, to help take risky criminal aliens into custody from prisons and jails, where the handoff can be controlled.

The release said a citizen of the Dominican Republic who entered the country illegally and had been convicted on firearms charges was among those arrested in Philadelphia.

Baker, who said he was not given a heads-up about the raids, has filed a bill in the Legislature to allow state and local police to work with ICE in cases where an immigrant has been convicted of a violent crime.

"As I've stated many times", Philadelphia Mayor Kenney said Friday, "when our immigrant communities can not trust law enforcement, they are less likely to want to work with them to fight crime".

"ICE is operating as a politicized security force... arresting 498 people in cities that represent the political opposition to what is an unconstitutional federal overreach on immigration", Sarmiento said.

The most arrests were made in Philadelphia (107) and Los Angeles (101).

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Operation Safe Cities focused on regions where ICE officers are denied access to jails or prisons, and officials refuse agency requests to hold people facing deportation past their release dates so that agents can take custody. And an agency spokesman said that since 2010 ICE has arrested far more immigrants with criminal records than ones without.

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States and cities that have openly opposed the government's deportation initiatives of#illegal immigrants were the targets of federal raids this week that arrested nearly 500 undocumented immigrants.

On Thursday, as he did earlier this month, Homan emphasized the importance of cooperation across different levels of law enforcement.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested over 450 illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Portland this week. "Non-cooperation policies severely undermine that effort at the expense of public safety".

"We're actually making the community safer".

"Sanctuary policies can not stop immigration enforcement", she said. "They are doing it unapologetically, which the previous administration was not".

"Getting rid of people with criminal convictions, even if those convictions are only trespassing and invasion of privacy, still seems reasonable", he said. "We in Santa Clara County have a job to do, but that is not to enforce immigration law".