Woman Arrested in 27-Year-Old Florida Killer Clown Cold Case


-The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in South Florida provided a few new details Thursday in the arrest of an Abingdon, Virginia, woman charged in a 1990 murder.

On May 26, 1990, a woman named Marlene Warren answered the front door at her home in Wellington, Fla.

The balloons at the scene were only sold at a Publix at Community and Military Trail near where she lived.

The clown - dressed in an orange wig, with a red bulb nose and a painted-on smile - carried a bouquet of flowers and two balloons. The clown-costumed woman shot Warren in the face, killing her.

Shirley & Bill Twing remembered their rambunctious little girl, Marlene Warren whose love for the outdoors would inspire adventures rivaling Tom Sawyer.

Marlene Warren's son heard the gunshot and found his mother bleeding to death in the doorway.

"Witnesses at the scene said the clown just turned around, walked back to the vehicle ... and drove away, very calmly", McCann said.

The 40-year-old victim died in hospital two days later.

"It certainly seems well planned out", he said, per the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

The case took many odd turns from its already outrageous beginnings.

Detectives in the initial investigation developed several people of interest, including Sheila Keen.

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The father of the victim said she slept over at a friend's house on September 8 and sneaked out to meet with three men, one of whom she knew from Snapchat.

The probe did lead to legal trouble for Michael Warren.

Sheila Keen also came under suspicion when an extramarital affair between her and Warren was discovered months later, which he then denied.

Sheila Keen Warren has been arrested by Florida Police for the fatal shooting of the wife of her husband. Sheila had worked for Michael repossessing cars.

A woman has been arrested in a 27-year-old cold case involving a weird love triangle and a clown suit. Aherns, who was in a cast at the time, because he had experienced a auto crash earlier, said he somehow made his way to his mother and yelled at the clown, which led the shooter to turn around.

This changed, after the cold case was reopened in 2014, when new technology allowed for prosecutors to retest DNA evidence. After 27 years, one of the suspects, Sheila Keen Warren, 54, was finally arrested for shooting her romantic rival.

"Sometimes patience is the best", said sheriff's Detective Paige McCann.

"It was then that investigators learned that Sheila Keen had married Michael Warren, in 2002, living in Tennessee and operating a restaurant together", the sheriff's office said in a statement.

KTLA reported that the teen woke up the next morning in one of their homes and immediately called a friend. Sheila Keen Warren, a suspect in the case nearly from day one, was arrested in Virginia, officials announced Tuesday.

"He married the killer?" asked Twing. Detectives interviewed him again on Wednesday.