WhatsApp launches picture-in-picture to multitask during video calls


This means that if the user wants to send a text message to another person during video calling, then through this feature he will be able to do this easily. The picture-in-picture video calls update will only be available for Android users whose smartphones have been updated to Android 8.0 Oreo, Google's latest and greatest milestone software update.

Facebook's WhatsApp is on a roll for quite some time, introducing new features and services for its users.

Nonetheless, WhatsApp has always tried new possibilities to make their messaging platform attractive by adding new capabilities and improving its existing features. They can also pick a colour for the background of the update. Till now, users could only put videos or pictures as their status update with text overlaying wherever they found it convenient.

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From a text messaging app to a video calling app, Whatsapp has taken the world by a storm for sure. Now the text status updates feature. The status, just like the photos and videos will be visible for a time interval of 24 hours.

To recall, WhatsApp has begun testing PiP feature on Android platform since July this year, as iOS recent version also adheres the support this functionality. It is a fun feature, but most users still prefer the traditional text-only. One of the most talked about things has been the "WhatsApp for Business" feature which will let companies have verified accounts to chat with their customers. We will see this new update very soon on both Android and iOS, in a couple of months. This new feature is said to be a paid facility to generate some revenue. It will disappear after 24 hours; friends will be able to comment on the status which will come as a personal message to the user.