School Shooting Brings Community Together to Seek God


The shooting took place at Freeman High School outside Spokane.

The Spokesman-Review, however, reported several students who witnessed the shooting identified the suspect as Caleb Sharpe, a sophomore.

While details were still sparse, Knezovich said it appears the gunman was then subdued by the "very courageous actions" of a school district employee.

"Today I had the privilege to be down at the hospital as I got to watch the parents actually kick people out of the hospital because of the amount of community that was already down there with support for them", Lingbloom said.

She took off running with other students and ended up at the elementary school a short distance away.

The "bullied" 15-year-old boy accused of killing a student in a mass school shooting posted violent gun-fight videos on YouTube.

The suspect was disarmed by a staff member at the school.

Schaeffer confirmed the person in custody was the lone shooter and didn't release the suspect's age.

Her father, Joe, has another daughter who attends the middle school on campus.

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Witnesses say the gunman then began shooting down the hall, striking three more students. One student, Michael Harper, who spoke to Spokane's KXLY 4 news (above), said that earlier this year he had passed out notes to friend that said he was planning to do something stupid, where he "gets killed or put into jail".

"It's frightening, I think that's a point anyone can understand", Moore said.

A two-lane road into the town of about 500 people near the Idaho border was clogged as anxious parents sped to the school. "I've never heard him like that", Moser told The Spokesman-Review newspaper. He said that as officials continued to investigate what led to his county's deadly shooting, the "why" behind "these senseless type of tragedies" may never fully come into view.

“He called me and said, ‘Mom, there are gunshots.

It was then that a fearless custodian put his life on the line, attempting to convince Sharpe to stop the madness, the Associated Press reports.

The victims who were seriously injured Wednesday at Freeman High School in tiny Rockford, Washington, are expected to survive.

A call to the school was not immediately returned. He advised officers he needed to instruct "everybody a lesson about what happens when you spook others".

She says classes were in regards to start since it's a "poor start" day.

A Washington State Patrol trooper called Wednesday the "worst day" in his law enforcement career after responding to his "own kids school for [an] active shooter".