Riverdale production continues after KJ Apa vehicle crash


The incident has reportedly sparked a conversation about safety and protection among the cast, crew and the network, especially after working late hours. The CW declined to comment, but a source noted to THR that actors are told they can call a taxi or stay in a hotel near a set on the studio's dime if they feel it is unsafe to drive.

K.J Apa, star of the CW hit show Riverdale, was in a late-night auto crash last week after a 16-hour production day on set. He was taken to the hospital for "observation" before being discharged with non-serious injuries. According to the site, WBTV's policy is that actors are responsible for their own transportation to and from set, particularly when production is shooting outside the US, however a source claimed that the actors are told they can call a taxi or stay in a hotel nearby if they feel driving conditions are unsafe.

Apa's costar on the Warner Bros. -produced series, Cole Sprouse, had reportedly planned to get a ride with Apa that night, however changed his plans last minute, the outlet said.

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"They're working these kids from morning until night".

The accident took place after shooting had wrapped for the night, and Apa's vehicle was the only one involved. "Someone's going to die". Warner Bros. does not provide transportation to and from the show's Vancouver set.

Riverdale, a breakout hit for network The CW, is now shooting its second season after the first became a hit with critics and viewers. Scarier still, his Riverdale co-star, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead was supposed to be in the auto with Apa, but had apparently changed plans at the last minute.