President Donald Trump Holds Rally in Huntsville, Alabama


Alabamians attending the Friday night rally were united in support of Trump, but divided over who should be the state's next senator. Luther Strange, who was appointed in February to temporarily fill the seat that opened up when Jeff Sessions became attorney general. "I gotta get your vote on health care.' He said, 'You got it, '" Trump said, sounding as if he was still amazed at how easy it was to whip unusual.

Speaking at Huntsville's Von Braun Center, Trump encouraged the crowd to vote for odd over his opponent, former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, in the GOP Senate primary Tuesday.

Luther Strange, against a conservative firebrand in Roy Moore - whom Republican Party leaders have spent millions against in an effort to defeat him.

Carson doesn't expressly urge people to vote for Moore, but it's clear that he supports the former Judge. Luther Strange in Tuesday's primary runoff. He has received Trump's endorsement, and the president was persuaded to come to Alabama to hold a rally for him. The President later asserted that unusual "didn't know" the Senate majority leader.

Unlike Strange, Judge Moore is an ardent conservative who fought to uphold traditional marriage and the Ten Commandments while on the Alabama Supreme Court. Moore is set to face establishment stalwart Sen.

"Don't forget, we don't stop here, you have an election coming up, the day this is over, so this is over on Tuesday, on Wednesday morning the new race begins, you've gotta beat a democrat, Luther is going to win easily, and Roy is gonna have a hard time winning". Trump also dwelled on the political risk he was taking backing odd, insisting that the media would attack him if the Alabama Republican lost. The decision to have the rally with Trump could have been a strategic decision by Strange's campaign. Talking about unusual, that is.

He also continued to engage in a rhetorical sparring match with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, again referring to him as "Rocket Man" to the crowd's cheers. "Where the plume goes, so goes cancer, so goes tremendous problems".

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While his campaign platform focuses on a variety of issues, such as the repeal of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul and increased military spending, his signature issue through the years has always been the "acknowledgement of God". Trump called that a "bum rap". He also chided the Arizona Republican for what he saw as hypocrisy.

As exciting as a presidential visit is for the residents of Northern Alabama, Trump's visit is expected to wreak havoc on local roadways.

Trump also returned to some of his favourite topics.

Trump noted that a wall extending across the entire border is not necessary. "We're going to do it eventually", he said.

"If Hillary had won", Trump said, "You'd be turning over your rifles", to which the crowd responded with chants of "lock her up, lock her up". Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who started the trend previous year when he played for the San Francisco 49ers, hasn't been signed by an National Football League team for this season.

Moore has led odd in the polls, although the gap has closed.

Carson lauded what he called Moore's "Judeo-Christian values", and said "it is these values we must return to in order to make America great again", borrowing from Trump's own campaign slogan.