Mobile Raising Throttling Limit to 50GB


T-Mobile suggests that this limit only impacts the "top 3% of data users", so most customers will never see "reduced speeds due to prioritization". T-Mobile's base One unlimited plan only allows for 480p video over LTE.

Today, however, T-Mobile announced that it will raise that threshold to 50GB. That's double the limit Verizon and AT&T enforce on their customers, and all-around good news for anyone on T-Mobile One.

To lose these restrictions, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer more premium unlimited tiers - though, of course, you'll have to fork over extra cash. For the most part these plans are unlimited, and these caps are put into place to prevent users from abusing it, such as tethering to their computers and downloading movies, games, and music illegally.

By my count, this is the third such increase this year alone. They all institute some kind of cap, usually ranging from about 20GB to 30GB in a single billing cycle, at which point your data speeds will be slowed and deprioritized behind other users who have consumed less. AT&T and Verizon's thresholds are both at 22GB per month.

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The new 50GB prioritization point goes into effect starting tomorrow for T-Mobile customers on unlimited data plans.

Well, free Netflix subscriptions mean increased data consumption, so naturally, the Un-carrier has chose to increase its unlimited throttling limit to 50 GB.

Hey! You got it!