Kevin Durant Has Fake Twitter Account to Trash Team?


National Basketball Association superstar Kevin Durant apologized for disparaging comments he made Sunday from his verified Twitter account against his former Oklahoma City Thunder team.

"I don't think I'll stop engaging with fans", said Durant, who stopped short of admitting he uses alternate Twitter accounts to discuss himself in the third person. That's the same approach that I took as a growing basketball player.

Without acknowledging that he uses separate Twitter accounts, Durant said he regretted taking it too far and "childishly" calling out his former coach. I was doing it all summer, and it went too deep.

Kevin Durant is probably the most active National Basketball Association superstar on Twitter, and he regularly interacts with fans (and haters) on social media.

"He didn't like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan".

The tweets and wording immediately fueled speculation that Durant used a second Twitter account under another name to reply to critical fans.

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Next time, he'll probably be sure to double-check which one he's tweeting from. "It's just another way of me talking trash".

K.D. I'm one of your biggest fans, but this explanation does not explain why you tweeted like you weren't tweeting from your official account.

So when Durant and his business partner Rich Kleiman appeared at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Durant did not shy away from an incident he admitted "was tough to deal with". "I'm closer to you than u think", he said.

Durant added that he was "pretty mad" at himself about the whole thing.

The outspoken Enes Kanter didn't find Durant's comments so humorous, jumping on Twitter to defend the Thunder as the best organization in the National Basketball Association with the craziest fans.

Crook asked Durant whether he'd want human basketball referees to be replaced by machines with artificial intelligence. He ended the message with "and those cats, I call them FAMILY".