Hulu and Spotify are offering a combined streaming service to students


Subscribers to the new plan must pay for it through Spotify, so if you now subscribe to Hulu from a third party, like a pay-TV partner, you won't qualify (although you can cancel that subscription and sign up under this new plan). The companies say this is the first step they are taking to bundle their services together and offerings targeted at the broader market will follow.

Streaming giants Spotify and Hulu are teaming up to combine their services in a plan built for college students who love to binge. To remain relevant in their respective industries, Spotify and Hulu have announced a groundbreaking partnership. "We're very excited to be partnering with Hulu - a like-minded company which is as focused as we are on delivering the very best in high quality streaming content".

Hulu and Spotify are two leaders of a new class of entertainment company offering songs and TV shows on-demand for a monthly fee over the internet. Title IV accredited college or university will be eligible. If you have more questions Spotify has a FAQ page for you here. Existing Premium for Student members should go to their accounts to switch plans. Even better is the discount students will be getting by signing up, as it offers significant savings over subscribing to both separately.

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Spotify Premium lets you use the service on all your devices without ads and supports offline caching, playlists and a lot of other stuff. However, this will only apply if they don't have any premium network add-ons with the Hulu Limited Commercials plan and are paying directly to Hulu and through a third party.

Once a customer's undergraduate status is verified, they will have access to the bundle rate for 12 months, at which point they will need to once again prove that they are students to re-up.