Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman developing a 5th prequel series


Game of Thrones' seventh season was overloaded with jaw-dropping moments, but the one that earned that reaction without anyone dying or Kit Harington's caboose was the incredible training session between Brienne of Tarth and Arya Stark. Cogman is writing the series, working closely with author George R.R. Martin. But there are now five prequel/spinoffs in the works.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Cogman is developing some sort of prequel concept for Game of Thrones, in addition to the four other ideas already being worked on. Following which, show-runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss also offered confirmation on this matter. Since then, he's written episodes like "Kissed by Fire" (the one with Jaime's bathtub speech), "The Laws of Gods and Men" (the one with Tyrion's trial), and this past season's "Stormborn".

Game of Thrones'Maisie Williams is just as cool as her badass character, Arya Stark?

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The blog post they're referring to is from Martin's adorably old fashioned LiveJournal, where he confirmed that he's working with all the the writers and producers on the upcoming new series.

So what is Cogman's series about? Therefore, if any important details were to get leaked, they would air the alternate ending to it. Trust exercises normally involve catching someone when they fall, not getting the hell out of the way of a sword (prop or otherwise) but, hey, that's what you're bound to get on Thrones. HBO programming president Casey Bloys has said that he might only eventually greenlight one of them.

The President of Programming (HBO), Casey Bloys confirmed in July past year that "Game of Thrones" #Season 8 will be the final season. The new season is set to begin filming in October and could likely run as late as August 2018. We were joined by the very handsome Hudson Taylor, Scoops absolutely nailed their Magic Cover, Kymann Power and Dara Dynamite went for a dip Olympic-style, while Justine Stafford shows that the only thing to The Fear itself.