Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in Indiana Friday to visit schools


U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was on the fourth day of a six day tour. Instead of raising their hopes for the year, she said "most students" are starting the new year at schools that are "a mundane malaise that dampens dreams, dims horizons, and denies futures".

They said to 10/11 that they are happy she came through, but public schools work well here for education.

Before the game, she grabbed a bite to eat and talked with parents inside the school.

Devos will visit a school in Missouri before heading to in on the last day of the tour.

During the interview, DeVos said she wanted to empower parents so they can make the right choices for their children's education.

Gallagher has encouraged staff to view the visit as an opportunity to showcase their school and education practices involving creativity and critical thinking that can be applied in any school.

Kansas City Academy Chef Mark Zukaitis teaches U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy De Vos to make veggie burgers. The school makes theirs with leftover rice and beans from the previous day's lunch
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in Indiana Friday to visit schools

"The (Women's) Center knows that the University will closely monitor any legal developments, but at this time, does not have plans to change current policies or current response to sexual violence on campus", Dalton said.

Many people in the group had the message of "Save our schools".

Spring ISTEP scores released early this month showed several public, private and charter high schools in Northwest Indiana struggling on state assessments, especially math, according to the Indiana Department of Education.

The Rethink School tour finishes with stops at Kansas City Academy in Missouri and 21st Century Charter School, Hope Academy and Eastern Hancock High School in Indiana.

"So much of our curriculum has been focused on the average student, and yet we know that no student is average", DeVos said.

"For Trump and DeVos, this isn't about improving outcomes or giving kids the best shot at success, it's about pumping taxpayer dollars into for-profit and private schools", he said.

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