Woman accuses Pete Rose of statutory rape in the 1970s


WCPO reports that lawyers for John Dowd obtained a sworn statement from a woman claiming she had sex with the former Cincinnati Reds star player and manager in the 1970s when she was under 16, the age of consent in Ohio.

Rose is now barred from entering the Baseball Hall of Fame due to gambling on baseball while he was manager of the Reds.

According to court documents, Rose admitted to a sexual relationship with the woman but claimed it did not begin until she was 16 or take place outside of OH, another accusation leveled against him. He was 34 years old then and married with two children. However, Doe says she met with Rose outside of OH where limitations and age of consent could be different.

The woman's account does not raise the prospect of a criminal charge for Rose, as it's well past Ohio's statute of limitations.

The victim, who identified in the motion only as "Jane Doe", says that she and Rose had sex for the time in Cincinnati, prior to her 16th birthday.

Rose's suit contends that Dowd went on the radio in 2015 to talk about a man named Michael Bertolini, who allegedly told Dowd that he had provided 12- to 14-year-old girls to Rose in Florida. He is accusing Rose of having numerous sexual relationships with underage girls.

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"John Dowd purposely made a defamatory statement that damaged Pete - serial pedophilia consisting of the statutory rape of 12- to 14-year-olds during spring training". Rose vehemently denied the accusation and sued for defamation.

Ray Genco, Rose's lawyer, has dismissed Dowd's motion calling it a "media distraction" and a "witch hunt".

A representative of Bertolini later issued a statement saying that everything that Dowd said was a bunch of B.S. They reportedly touch on whether he had sex with other teens.

Shocking new details of the alleged relationship came in a defamation lawsuit filed by Rose against a lawyer whose investigation into "Charlie Hustle" resulted in him being kicked out of Major League Baseball for gambling. It is also false. Earlier this month, a judge ruled the suit could proceed.

"Dowd can't defend his own actions here - so he is distracting". It's just Dowd attacking Pete instead of defending his own inexplicable accusations on the radio the day before Pete was to be honored in Cincinnati at the All-Star Game.

"He's just dragging Pete's name through the mud as much as he can", Genco said.