Why Would Anyone Want Ecstasy Pills Shaped Like Trump?


Roughly 5,000 ecstasy pills which are shaped like Donald Trump's head have been seized in Lower Saxony, Germany. Authorities said the pills have an estimated sale value of about $46,000.

The van was driven by a 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son who claimed they were headed to Hanover after going to the Netherlands to buy a auto. The driver and his son were heading to Austria at the time of the traffic stop. Back in January, some 5,500 packages of heroin packages sporting the president's face were seized by Florida police.

The two were on their way back from the Netherlands, where they wanted to buy a vehicle, they told the police.

British media reported in July that the Trump-shaped drugs were being produced in Amsterdam and trafficked into the country in large amounts.

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Police made the discovery of what they called the "Drugs of the Year" after stopping a Peugeot 307 on the Autobahn.

As British newspaper the Metro reported in July, the pills have already made their way to the United Kingdom and are going for £8 a pill.

That report quoted a source that said that there are a variety of pills available these days with different brands and names to attract buyers, and it's all about who has the "coolist pill".

Europeans are high on Donald Trump.