Why Mumbai's stray dogs turn blue after swimming in river


Animal protection groups said the dogs were turned blue by industrial dye illegally released into the waterway.

A number of blue dogs have been spotted near Navi Mumbai's Taloja industrial area, in India, and initial reports that untreated industrial waste dumped into the nearby Kasadi River may be to blame.

You've heard of grey hounds, and you might have even stumbled across the famed American pooch Old Yeller. but has anybody ever come across an Indian dyed-blue terrier before?

Arati Chauhan, an animal protection officer expressed his shock and requested the pollution control board to take action against these industries, according to the Metro.

In a very odd and alarming incident, dogs in the Industrial area are turning blue which is due to the dye leaked from the dye making plants in that area.

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One India said at least five dogs were seen on video walking around with blue fur, which is believed to have occurred after they swam in the polluted Kasadi River.

'We have spotted nearly five such dogs here and have asked the pollution control board to act against such industries'.

Several other officials and even locals are now calling on the area authorities to take action against companies that are dumping unsafe waste into Kasadi River. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board revealed that the pollution levels found in the Kasadi River were a shocking 13 times over the "safe limit".

A spokesman said: 'Allowing the discharge of dye into any water body is illegal.

MPCB has taken the issue seriously and an investigation has been initiated into the matter.