Was Bran Too Blunt With Sansa?


Finally reunited with sister Sansa after years in the wilderness, Bran's return to Winterfell was anti-climatic thanks to his stone-face and controversial way of revealing his powers of omnipresence. The trailer for season 7, episode 4 "The Spoils of War" hints at the possibility, as Arya is the last sibling to make it home.

Well, now we know a little more about what Bran was thinking and why he behaved that way, thanks to the actor who plays him.

Each week when we get a new Game of Thrones preview, I take some time to run through it a few times slowly (sometimes frame by frame) to see if I can find clues in the darkness.

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And although she seemed dead set on making her way to King's Landing to exact her revenge on Cersei (after spending several seasons overseas learning to be a face-swapping assassin), the news that her half-brother, Jon Snow, was King in the North prompted her to quickly turn around and head back home. But while Sansa tried to remind him that he's the true lord of Winterfell, Bran disagreed. "I think it's a major shock for Sansa", he said. All the Starks have changed so much. In fact, it's hard to imagine any of Ned's children being able to just go back to the way they were if they cross paths again, Hempstead-Wright suggested, alluding to Arya's training as an assassin and Sansa's political awakening. "But Bran is now this tree-raven-magic thing". There has been speculation that Sansa is set to betray Jon Snow, running back to events at the end of the sixth season of #GameofThrones, when the conniving Littlefinger declared his love for Sansa, as well informing her of his dream to share the Iron Throne with her.

'I told you, it's hard to explain, ' he said. "So it's quite hard for Bran to have any kind of semblance of personality anymore because he's really like a giant computer". "I am the Three-Eyed Raven". Somebody put in front of him a massive encyclopedia of all of time and he's only opened page one. Luckily, because Bran had to learn to become the Three-Eyed Raven very quickly, there's no danger of that happening. However, Bran's response could be a sign she is going to betray Jon, because if she is, he will have seen it with his own eyes.