Walmart apologizes for 'Own the school year' sign over gun display


Wal-Mart has been running an ad campaign this back-to-school season called "Own the school year like a hero". The chain quickly determined the sign was in Evansville, Indiana-though there's a question about that now-and the sign apparently was quickly removed.

There seemed to be some confusion within the company's management, however, as Walmart initially identified a store in Evansville, Ind., as the source of the photographed display, Huff Post reported. "We regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened".

Leeanna May said she was at the Evansville Walmart early Wednesday morning with her husband near the sporting goods section, where May spotted what she described as the "disgusting" display.

"We have already lost so many innocent lives to guns", she said.

May told the paper she alerted store employees, but they couldn't locate a store manager.

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Walmart responded on Twitter, stating: "This is definitely not okay, Sara".

'People don't seem to honestly care, ' May noted. HOW tone deaf can a corp be?,' one Twitter user asked incredulously.

That tweet, though, wasn't the first time Walmart heard about the signage situation.

But, that statement was amended by a company spokesman who told the Times that there had been a miscommunication and that the company was still trying to find out where the photo was taken.

"We agree this was frightful", a member of Walmart's social media team wrote. A banner reading "We will never forget" hung above it.