'Unsafe' incident between Iranian drone, US Navy aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf


An Iranian drone buzzed an American carrier in the Gulf and came dangerously close to aircraft for the second time in a week, the US Navy has said.

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Iran's military and state-run media did not immediately report the incident, which came after a similar encounter August 8, in which the Navy said an Iranian drone came within 100 feet (30 meters) of an F-18 preparing to land on the Nimitz.

Lt Ian McConnaughey said in the latest encounter the Iranian aircraft was flying at dusk without navigation lights.

That "created a risky situation with the potential for collision and is not in keeping with global maritime customs and laws", McConnaughey said in a statement. In that incident, the drone almost collided with the Navy jet while it was in a holding pattern and preparing to land on the Nimitz, the Pentagon said.

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On Tuesday, an Iranian drone almost collided with a Navy jet, coming within 100 feet of vertical separation. It can carry up to two missiles, but USA military officials said the aircraft was unarmed in the first incident last week.

In that incident, the drone executed "dangerous" altitude changes and flew within about 100 feet of the jet as it prepared to land on the Nimitz, the Navy said. But the QOM-1 drones have only become a problem recently, officials said.

The Navy has recorded several unsafe interactions with Iranian forcesM including last week when a drone approached a US fighter jet as it prepared to land.

A US Navy statement criticised the remote-controlled flight as "unsafe and unprofessional" and said it "created a risky situation with the potential for collision".

CENTCOM did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation by press time.