Tillerson, Mattis present united front on North Korea


"We do not expect that the president of the United States would make that kind of statement", the South Korean ambassador-at-large for worldwide security told ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz.

Concern that North Korea is close to achieving its goal of putting the mainland United States within range of a nuclear weapon has caused tension to spike in recent months.

"We are closely monitoring every move by the United States". The commander-in-chief called amid escalating tensions between the USA and North Korea. As I said earlier, there's no imminent threat to our personal lives.

The last time North Korea reported such a meeting via state media was in July 2015, which the regime said was the 43rd such meeting.

Trump, who was vacationing at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort tweeted: "Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely". Today, more than fifty years later, North Korea has demonstrated an intercontinental-range ballistic missile capability that it hopes will be sufficient to deter its arch enemy: the United States.

The US and South Korean militaries are about to conduct another round of joint war games that will again fuel tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Now it was on countries like China and Russian Federation along with USA allies like South Korea and Japan to work in tandem to get nuclear weapons out of the region.

Gov. Calvo said President Trump's remarks, as well as support from the USA military, give him a "great deal of comfort". Formal talks on North Korea's nuclear program collapsed in 2009, and Kim has accelerated his efforts to obtain the ability to strike the US with a nuclear weapon.

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Asked Monday whether the South Korean government detected any signs of a SLBM test from the North, Baik Tae-hyun, spokesman of the Unification Ministry, said in a regular briefing that Seoul has not.

"Both the United States and South Korea do not believe North Korea has yet completely gained re-entry technology in material engineering terms", Suh said in remarks televised on Sunday for a Korea Broadcasting System show.

On whether the USA government actually saw a war coming any time soon, CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Sunday during an interview with "Fox News Sunday" that there was "no intelligence indicating we're on the cusp of a nuclear war".

However, North Korea reiterated its threats, with its official KCNA news agency saying "war can not be blocked by any power if sparks fly due to a small, random incident that was unintentional".

As well as being completely unconvincing, the very fact that Pompeo felt compelled to downplay the prospect of an imminent nuclear war indicates that the matter is being actively discussed within high-level White House and military circles.

So with North Korea's continued defiance, and with Trump descending to Kim's level on hurling threats, many fear heightened risks of miscalculation that could result in war breaking out.

"We are hopeful that the leader of the country will understand [Trump's remarks] in precisely the way they were intended", according to excerpts of the interview, "to permit him to get to a place where we can get the nuclear weapons off the peninsula". Responding to a question, the CIA Director said North Korea can not be contained like Pakistan. Dunford will visit also visit key ally Japan, as well as regional superpower China. -China trade. China strenuously rejects linking the two issues.

Mullen said China has a big role to play in resolving the crisis.